The winter is coming, we are going to use the warmer and thicker quilt. But we found that there was a smell on the quilt that was placed for a summer. The ways to remove odors is to clean them in right ways. KWSD company according to the different materials of the quilt, has arranged 5 different cleaning ways:

No.1 Down Duvet
Hanging in the cool and ventilated place for 2-3 days, then evenly tapping, will eliminate the unpleasant smell. In other ways, you can also spray lemonade on the duvet and leave the duvet in the shade for a night to remove the smell on the duvet.5 Ideas for Winter Quilt Cleaning

No.2 Cotton Duvet
Cotton is the most common duvet. After hanging in the cool and ventilated place, we can put a some sachets of desiccant in the stacked duvet (Most of the snack packaging will be equipped with a desiccant, which we can use), then you can put some soap in the duvet if you like. There will be no smell in the quilt in a few days.

5 Ideas for Winter Quilt Cleaning

No.3 Wool Duvet
Wool (cashmere) is the most close-fitting duvet. The wool after being carbonized, carded, and cleaned, it does not have any odor, including the smell of sheep. But after a long time, it will inevitably have some strange smell. It can be placed in a cool and ventilated place regularly for 1 hour each time to avoid moisture or mold. Then put some insecticide to anti-mite. Please do not put under the sun directly, it will be produced rancid smell from the duvet.

No.4 Microfiber Duvet
Microfiber Duvet is one of the easiest quilts to be taken care of. No special maintenance is required, but it should be take in the cool and ventilated place to avoid moisture and mold.

5 Ideas for Winter Quilt Cleaning

No.5 Silk Duvet
Silk Duvet is one of the lightest duvet. Just need to take it in the cool and ventilated place. Please remember do not put it under the sun directly. If you do that for a long time will cause the silk to become more and more brittle, and then the duvet will become thinner and thinner and less warm.

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