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What’s the Point of labeling China’s Silkworm As Dangerous?

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The New York Times: Trump Giveaways Phoenix Mask Factory Tour. In his third stop of support for restoring health to America’s inner cities, Mr. Trump visited a Honeywell International manufacturing plant in Phoenix to hold a round-table on Native American matters and to give a speech on economic development. The company produces high-quality face masks for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. He told the group that he had started a nonprofit group, Rebuilding USA, which was using the masks in its promotional efforts. As part of the package, Honeywell offered free masks.

The Wall Street Journal: Trump Tells Phoenix factory workers to wear masks. Speaking at a meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission, the president told the group that he’d like to see a reduction in pollution, but not necessarily reduction in workplace violence or crime. Instead, he urged them to wear masks. “I’d like people here today to understand that you can’t have security without safety,” he said. “We’ve got to have the strongest security and the best jobs.” The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Department of Homeland Security is helping with the marketing of the President’s new program.

USA Today: President Obama Tells People to Wear Masks During Cleanup Efforts. As he prepared to tour a new $1.3 million mask factory before a visit to the Department of Health and Human Services, President Obama told reporters that people need to wear masks during all of their outbreaks of illness and disease. “People are dying from the flu, from diarrhea, from asthma, from everything else, and it’s only getting worse,” the president said. “This is your emergency.” The newspaper reports that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these new N95 masks will go toward assisting those who have lost their homes and health in the disaster.

CBS News: President Obama Tells Americans to Wear masks during an upcoming epidemic. In an interview with CBS This Morning, the president indicated that there will be a “big push” for increased medical supplies and funding throughout the remainder of the decade. Specifically, he told reporters that he wants to see a focus on combating diseases like dengue fever. “I don’t want to see people dying from coughs and colds, and so I’m glad to be able to help out here today,” he said. Colds and flu may seem like relatively minor ailments, but they can quickly turn into serious conditions if not properly treated. President Obama’s administration is making it clear that the prevention of disease is number one on their agenda.

Chinese Times: The President Offers $1 Billion Investment to Automatic Production Line. In an article written for the Chinese newspaper the Beijing Times, the president implied that the United States and China can work together to improve global health. According to the article, President Obama met with Premier Li Keqiang of China and discussed the economic benefits of investing in the automatic production line. “The two countries could work together to enhance manufacturing productivity and income,” the president said. “This can help reduce barriers to trade and create jobs.”

AZCentral: Arizona’s largest paper has joined the discussion surrounding the new masks being made in the United States. On Tuesday, the Arizona Daily Courier published an article regarding the new facility in Arizona that will create thousands of jobs. “New U.S. manufacturing hub to create thousands of jobs,” the article reads. The paper went on to say that the plant will produce N95 face masks and other products.

WSBT – “Wear Your Safety Goggles at Work – Then Buy a Hooded Polycarbonate Face Masks” was the title of this article. If you do a little research into the novel Pandemic, you’ll find that the main character is allergic to dust and he works in a place where he needs to wear safety goggles just to protect his eyes. It seems that he may have developed the novel coronavirus pandemic. So maybe a good reason to wear those safety glasses?

A surprising amount of the newspaper articles I’ve read focus on the benefits to businesses and companies doing business with China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Pakistan. A few articles were more pointedly focused on the United States and specifically focused on how the US Congress should reconsider its decision to label the Chinese Silkworm as dangerous. Perhaps if the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union would follow the lead of the Indian Government and label the wool produced in these nations as dangerous, we might be more compliant with China on its mask exports?