Hotel Pillow, Tailored to Your Needs

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Hotel Pillow

The best hotel pillow is probably one made with a memory foam blend and hypoallergenic qualities. The most classic hotel pillow has both loft and firmness, is allergy-free, and resists tear and wear. But even variations on this basic gold standard exist to suit various sleep needs.

Some hotel pillows feature feathers as filling, others faux duck feathers. All carry the same benefits: they’re very comfortable, easy to launder and replace, free from allergens. They’re also ideal for use in children’s beds, where softer materials are preferred for kids who may suffer with allergies. Soft pillows that resemble down are very soft and comfortable, but they don’t have the fluffy feeling that many people crave. Instead, down feels great to the touch, unlike goose or duck down.

Some hotel pillows are constructed from extra-firm, dense foam in order to provide greater support and added comfort. The firmness can be adjusted with the click of a button. Some are so firm that they’re nearly impossible to roll, while other firmness is much more manageable. In between these extremes is the space-age feel of microfiber, which provides superior support while also resisting moths and other insects that like to nest in warm surfaces.

Some pillows are filled with a water-based fill, such as memory foam, to provide instant, soothing relief after you’re done with your sleep. This type of pillow prevents dust mites from getting to you, as well as preventing allergens from penetrating. Water-filled pillows are an excellent choice if you have allergies or sensitive skin, since they allow air to circulate. If you need to use a humidifier while you sleep, an electric humidifier is an excellent choice, since it’s capable of infusing moisture into the air without using any water. An air-filled pillow is best for someone who likes to take long naps during the day, since an air-filled pillow prevents you from laying flat on your back to fall asleep.

Another type of luxury hotel pillow is the one that’s made to sleep in. Since luxury bedding typically costs more than other types of bedding, some manufacturers have tried to take this luxury pillows a step further by creating them to conform to the natural curves of your body. This way, you get the full support your back needs while you lie in the same sleeping position comfortable to you. Of course, this might not be very practical if you tend to oversleep on your bed. For these kinds of cases, a luxury memory foam pillow may be the best bet.

Luxury bedding companies make pillow covers, too, so you can purchase a whole set instead of just one. If you want a durable product, you should buy pillow covers separately. The covers usually come with pillow shams and cushion covers. If you buy them all together, be sure to choose ones that have the same thread count, fill density, and shape. Be careful, though. Some cheap imitations of expensive luxury brands can be cheaply made and can even be dangerous.

Goose down and feather bedding are two of the most luxurious materials for which you can buy luxury pillow covers. Goose down offers superior warmth, durability, and excellent softness. It also provides excellent neck support, due to its unique loft construction. Feather bedding is softer and more pliable than duck down, making it great for use in a wide variety of circumstances. Many specialty stores sell goose down and feather bedding, but you can find it cheaper by shopping at a chain or superstore.

In addition to pillow covers, specialty pillows are available to provide optimal comfort and support for your body. There are several different styles, including body innerspring mattresses, traditional latex foam pillows, as well as feather pillows and memory foam pillows. All of these pillows are designed to provide unique support for your head and neck. They can help you sleep more soundly through the night, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. When you wake up, you’ll still feel like you’ve had a good, relaxing night’s sleep, even if you did spend the morning tossing and turning.