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A Few Tips On Disposable Face Mask

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Disposable Face Mask

Disposable face mask is used by all hospital and medical workers for their safety. The purpose of a disposable face mask is to prevent the spread of germs and other particles that may be inhaled by the person wearing it. This way also the patient and the hospital personnel would have no other risks.

Respirator-type disposable face mask can effectively protect you from any airborne virus. But general surgical or chemical face masks do not provide enough protection against the common flu virus. But a respirator face mask may not filter all the harmful airborne microorganisms which can give you the common flu, you may still get sick too. So when you wear a respirator face mask always wipe your face with your hands first, before placing it on your face. You should not use your hands to touch the nose or mouth part of the face respirator. You should try using a piece of cloth instead of hands.

A disposable face mask should be cleaned regularly. Use a small piece of cloth, wipe the inside of the face mask, and leave to dry. After about half an hour, wash off the dirt with warm water and clean the face mask. This would ensure that the face mask remains disinfected and safe. In case you are not wearing a face mask then you can also use your hands and clean the inside part of the face mask.

If you are going to use your face mask, wash your hands prior to placing it on your face. It should be washed properly before you wear your face mask. For cleaning the face mask, you can use a damp cloth and use it to wipe all the dust out of the face mask. Also, if you want to clean the face mask thoroughly you can just wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Before putting on your face the face mask you must ensure that the face mask fits perfectly on your face. If the mask does not fit on your face perfectly it can cause irritation. When you put on a face mask, you must make sure that your chin is covered well. so that you are covered the whole area around your mouth. If you find that the face mask does not cover the entire mouth then you can cover the whole cheek by pulling up the mask over your cheek.

When you take a shower or bath, it is best to remove the face mask before you take your shower or bath, because when you put on a face mask you will find it difficult to breathe. Remove the face mask after taking a shower or bath and put on some warm water. Keep in mind that once you put on the face you need to be very careful not to inhale any of the dust or the germs that may remain inside. If you do inhale any of these bacteria you may get the common cold. So always keep in mind not to cover your mouth when you put on face. Do remember that you can be ill or you may get the common cold from using face mask.