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The chip, which is attached to hotel linen is also known as a digital barcode. It serves as a virtual ID card that identifies each piece of hotel linen, including the last time it has been washed and who washed it. Hotel guests can also scan the chip to find out the full history of every individual sheet and towel, including whether it was washed at what temperature, when it has last been used and what temperature was disinfected last.

Today’s hospitality industry is constantly evolving and adapting, with more new products being added to their range. A popular type of technology to come out of this adaptation is hotel linen scanning equipment. This is a relatively new concept in the industry and has become a more affordable and convenient option to those on a budget. The benefits of such equipment are many, with many hoteliers and hospitality professionals seeing the benefits of eliminating the need for the use of expensive sanitary supplies.

The technology is similar to the ones which are now available for customers using hotel toiletry products, but instead of having to use a bathroom sanitary product which can often be costly, hotels are now able to simply scan every towel or sheet as soon as they arrive in order to determine which of them has not yet been used. This saves on sanitary costs, as well as on staff hours which would have been spent cleaning towels and sheets. The use of this type of equipment is also proving particularly useful for travellers, with hotel staff often having to stock up on sanitary supplies when a guest returns from their holiday.

With this technology is becoming more popular throughout the world’s hospitality industry, it has become a requirement for hotels to use a system which allows them to track every towel or sheet in a room. This technology has helped to reduce the number of guests who return to a hotel after taking their bath or shower, as it is now possible for staff to identify each towel or sheet that has been used.

There are a number of different types of devices which can be used to scan different pieces of hotel linen. Depending on the size and design of the room, one might have to buy a scanner that can read in large numbers of different items or a microchip which can read only certain information. This makes it easier for hotels to identify each towel or sheet that has not been used and thus eliminates the need to buy a second device in case a guest leaves their towel behind when they leave.

Hotel linen scanning equipment ensures that everyone in a hotel has access to towels and sheets which they can use whenever they feel like doing so. It is also useful for those who are travelling abroad, as a hotel staff need never leave a guest in a hotel which does not have a chip reader on its linen.