Bedding Sets

How to choose your bedding sets?

Hotel Bedding Sets

Hotel Bedding Sets

These are some tips for choosing the suitable bedding sets.

1.Determine the size of the bed. Many hotel bed size king or queen, height is generally 25cm or 30cm.

2.Think about the theme you want. If you already have a room, please consider the theme and color that comes with it. Keep in mind that bedding set is the first thing people see when they walk into the bedroom, so it gives a longer impression. Many people like white: sateen, satin stirpes, or have some simple decorations on it are popular. The white embroidered frame below is very hot recently.

Hotel Bedding Sets

3.Pay attention to what the sheets you bought are made of. Cotton or polyester cotton is usually the best choice because it is soft enough.

4.Yarn density: According to the level of the hotel, most of the five-star hotels will choose a density of at least 300T.

5.Matching: most bedding is equipped with a quilt cover, a sheet and one or two pillowcases. However, the quantity of bedding sets is better 2.5 to 3 times of beds. Because you need to wash and update.

6. Pillow inner and duvet insert: the core should be customized according to the size of the quilt. The filler is usually down or microfiber, and the weight is generally determined by the room temperature.

Hotel Bedding Sets

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