Autumn and winter seasons are a good match with silk quilt!

Now people’s living standards are getting better and better, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher. We will continue to find a quilt that is more suitable for us to have a comfortable sleep.

It is ready to come in November, which means that the cold winter is ready to come. We have to start preparing for the warm quilt. The quilts that are common in the market are down duvets or microfiber duvets. Is there any other option for everyone to have a comparison? Yes, today KWSD company will introduce silk quilts to everyone.

What is silk quilt?
  • Known as “the second skin of the human body”, the “Fiber Queen” silk quilt is the most “green” quilt among all quilts. First of all, the main component of silk is pure natural animal protein fiber, and its structure is the closest to our skin. Secondly, the silkworm baby is very delicate, and can not touch chemicals such as pesticides during the growth process.
What are the benefits of using silk quilts?
  1. With strong ability to keep warm and thermostat.
    Silk quilt has the characteristics of “warm winter and cool summer”. The cold current strikes, it keeps warm and warm; the temperature warms up, it is light and comfortable. During this time, the temperature change is still very big, and it will be cold for a while. If you have a silk quilt, you won’t kick the quilt~ It’s not easy to catch cold.
  2. Pure natural ingredients of it to help sleep.
    A silk quilt is made to sleep more sweetly, get rid of fatigue and gain health! A pure natural silk, its chemical structure is 18 kinds of natural amino acids, helping sleep.
  3. Silk quilt with long life.
    The silk itself has strong strength and strong stretch, and is a warp and weft network structure, which reduces the displacement or hole phenomenon of the carcass in use, and can be used for a long time to maintain comfort and fluffiness.

How to choose silk quilts?
  • Mark: If you want to buy silk quilts, be sure to look for the “100% mulberry silk” quilt.
  • Price: For true silk quilt, the price is relatively high. If the price is surprisingly low, we need to consider if it is true quilt.
    Look at the sample: Each silk quilt should have a look at the mouth, usually between 20~30 cm. If the mouth is below 20 cm, the silk may be problematic.
  • Color: High-quality silk should be slightly yellowish white, with a soft luster on the surface, silk fibers are very long, each layer of silk is like a net, and may be accompanied by a small amount of clam shells.
  • Warmth: More than 38% of the inside of the silk is hollow. When the original silk is just covered, it will not be as cold as the quilt filled with chemical fiber, bad silk or cotton. The warmth of the performance.

Everyone’s physical condition is different. We should choose a quilt that suits us according to our actual needs. We hope our article can give you a reference and comparison. If you think the silk quilt is warm and good, you can try it.