How to wash the different hotel linen?(1)

Whether the hotel linen can be cleaned not only affects the service quality of the hotel, but also affects the service life of the linen.

Studies shown that, if wash the fabric in a scientific washing way, its service life will be double or more than in wrong washing way. There many different fabrics of hotel linen, such as: cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, etc.Different fabric with different washing ways, we should formulat the different washing processes according to different qualities. Today, KWSD company will share with you the right washing ways.

1. Hemp Fiber Fabric

The hemp fiber is hard and the cooperation is poor. It is lighter than the cotton fabric when washing. Do not use hard brush or force washing to avoid fluffing. Do not use force to twist after washing, colored fabrics should not be hot water, not exposed to sunlight, so as not to fade.

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2. Cotton Fabric

The cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, is not resistant to acid and has high temperature resistance, and can be washed with various detergents.

It can be soaked in water for a few minutes before washing, but it should not be too long to avoid color damage. Hotel linen can not be soaked in hot water, so as to prevent the protein in the sweat from solidifying and sticking to the cloth, and yellow sweat spots will appear.

When washing with a detergent, the optimum water temperature is 40 to 50 °C. After each rinse, it should be completely dried and then rinsed a second time to improve the washing efficiency. Avoid exposure to sunlight and fade colored fabrics.

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3. Silk Fabric

Before washing, soak in water for about 10 minutes, soaking time should not be too long. Avoid washing with alkaline water, use neutral detergent. The lotion is preferably mild or room temperature. After washing, gently squeeze the water and avoid twisting. It should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. It should not be exposed to the sun, and it should not be dried.

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I believe that by reading the above content, we have a certain understanding of the scientific washing method. In fact, there are more than these three types of hotel linen. In the next issue, let’s talk about the washing ways of wool fabric and polyester fabric. If you want to know, please stay tuned for our news!