When the Sofa Pillow can change into a duvet

Sofa Pillow

Sofa Pillow

The sofa pillow is multi-purpose cushion duvet, made of 100% ultra soft down-proof fabrics with far infrared function fiber cotton filling 200g. So it is soft, light, breathable, durable and stay warm. 

About the four functions of the far infrared from our Cushion:

1. Meet the country far infrared health standard: Far infrared can massage to activate activate the skin activity, resume function balance, eliminate and relieve fatigue. Far infrared fiber produced wavelength comply with the human health growth index and meet the country far infrared health standard.

2. Nanotechnology implant materials, functional sustained long-term health: Fiber By nano science and technology into natural health, probably huge “light of life”, the function of a lasting effect than the counterpart surface spraying.

3. Relieve fatigue, restore vitality: Far infrared ray is absorbed by human body and permeability, resonance with human cells, increase the macrophage phagocytosis, enhance human immunity, use for a long time, can alleviate fatigue, quickly restore vitality.

4. Lasting caress, 24 hours a day: Far infrared ray with heat, heat accumulation in the thermal effect, and the antiphlogistic, detumescence and analgesic therapy.